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Get ready for another Iraq war

By Seth Moulton, June 23 2016 Op-Ed for The Washington Post   Losing a friend in war is always hard. Losing a friend to a battle we already fought and won is worse. That's how my close friend Lt. Col. Ehab Hashem Moshen was killed recently by the Islamic State...

Seth's statement on Hillary Clinton's Foreign Policy Address

Congressman Seth Moulton released the following statement regarding Secretary Hillary Clinton's foreign policy address that was delivered today in San Diego, California: "The differences between Secretary Clinton and Donald Trump are stark. Donald Trump's foreign policy ideas are reckless, morally corrupt, and contradict our fundamental values as Americans.

Celebrating the Opening of Fishing Season 2016

As the 2016 commercial fishing season gets underway, I'd like to share some recent accomplishments that demonstrate my commitment to stand up for our fishermen and our coastal communities.

North South Rail Link

The North South Rail Link is the type of visionary, transformative investment Massachusetts and New England need to compete in a 21st Century global economy. I spoke at length with the Boston Globe about the idea.