Tell Trump: End the Muslim Ban

Tell Trump: End the Muslim Ban

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Leading with Unity on Presidents’ Day

In difficult times, great Presidents lead with messages and actions of unity and vision. Today we honor that legacy of our forefathers who put nation before party:  

The why behind the lie

by Seth Moulton   There is method to Donald Trump’s madness. He and his political advisers know exactly what they are doing. They may not know how to lead an effective, ethical government, or how to make Americans safer or more prosperous. But they do know how to use lies...

Standing for Refugees and Muslims

Seth Moulton is one of the most outspoken critics of President Trump's executive order banning all immigration from 7 Muslim countries, including Iraq. Seth believes the order is fundamentally un-American, is making America less safe, and is putting our troops’ lives at risk.

Time for Courage

America is no stranger to struggle. Throughout our 240-year history, we have fought wars at home and abroad. We have navigated through economic downturns that shook the foundations of our society. And we have worked to create a more perfect union for communities that have been denied equal rights and...