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Time for Courage

America is no stranger to struggle. Throughout our 240-year history, we have fought wars at home and abroad. We have navigated through economic downturns that shook the foundations of our society. And we have worked to create a more perfect union for communities that have been denied equal rights and...

Seth Moulton Sworn in for Second Term

Today, I was sworn in to serve a second term as your representative in Congress. It is one of the great honors of my life to serve you, and I promise you that my team and I will work our hardest every single day to represent you, our district, our...

Seth Moulton Completes Town Hall in Every Town

In just his first term in Congress, Seth Moulton completed his commitment of holding a town hall in each of the 39 cities and towns across the Sixth District.

I Commit To...

I know many of you are disappointed and looking for answers after what happened in this year’s presidential election. Believe me, I share your disappointment. But I’ve also heard loud and clear that, more than talk, people are looking for action. Now more than ever, we’re all in this together. And...