Women for Seth Kickoff

140515_Women_for_Seth_Kickoff_2.JPGIn the military, women didn’t get paid less for doing the same work. So why do we let private corporations treat women that way? It’s 2014; it’s time for equal pay.

I’ve worked with some incredible women in my life, and that’s why I was so proud when we launched our Women for Seth group last night. Over 20 women from across the district joined me for an open forum to discuss a wide range of issues. We heard from Sheila, who fought for 9 years to get equal pay at GE. Jeanne talked with us about the need for sentencing reform. And Christine told us that we need more of our young leaders to go into public service.

140515_Women_for_Seth_Kickoff_4.JPGOne thing we could all agree on was the need to invest in early childhood education. The single smartest dollar we can spend on a child is on quality pre-k. I am able to run for Congress today because I benefited from a great public school education, which allowed me to get into good private schools on scholarship for high school and college, and even though I still pay my student loans every month it was the right investment to make in my future. We say that America is a land of equal opportunity, but the reality is that children in neighboring towns like Swampscott and Lynn have totally different prospects for success based simply on their zip code. It’s time to end the achievement gap by investing in our schools and our future. We have a Congressman who sits on the House Education Committee, yet we have failing schools in his hometown. I’ll put an end to that.

Women aren’t some constituency group. They are a critical part of our economy. If my mother is paid 77 cents on the dollar compared to the men in her office, that makes it harder for my father to pay the bills. If my sister doesn’t have the same promotion opportunities as her colleagues, that impacts her whole family. We’re tired of hearing empty rhetoric on an issue this simple. It’s time to get things done.


One thing I heard over and over again last night is the dissatisfaction with our current Congress. People don’t understand why we can’t pass background checks when 96% of Americans support it. People don’t understand why women are still getting paid less than men for the same work. It’s time to fix these problems. Congressman Tierney claims he wants to fix them too, but he’s been in Washington for 18 years and hasn’t gotten it done. Women in the 6th district are tired of excuses; they want results. I will be a Congressman who delivers.

Thank you to everyone who came out of our big kickoff last night. I can’t wait to see you at the next one!