Where I Stand


I’ve always felt lucky to come from northeastern Massachusetts—and I feel even luckier to represent the people I live and grew up with in Congress. We’re a district of vibrant small towns and family-run businesses with revolutionary history from the 18th century and revolutionary innovation in the 21st. I’m proud to have been born and raised here, and to have lived in the sixth district most of my life—and I believe we ought to have someone with fresh ideas and new thinking representing us in Washington.

I’ve always been a fixer and a builder. From working blue-collar jobs throughout high school and college to spending four tours in Iraq trying to rebuild a country, fix a broken government, and build a democracy, I’ve always been willing to tackle the tough work required to build a better future.

When I look at America today, it’s hard to see anything that’s as broken as our Congress. It’s a place where I believe the pragmatic leadership skills I learned in my four deployments during the war can contribute to finding the solutions we desperately need. The Marines in my platoon came together from across the country, with many different backgrounds and beliefs, yet we all rose above those differences to do what is best for America. And when we partnered with Iraqi political and military leaders, we worked across even deeper cultural divides to achieve goals larger than ourselves. We didn’t worry about our own agendas—we put the country first, focused on the mission, and worked as hard as we could. We need that spirit in Washington.

I believe in America’s future, and I’m not cynical about our ability to have true leadership in Congress. I want our country and our district to live up to the fullest measures of their potential—and it is a privilege to help provide the leadership that gets us there. I’ve seen people come together to succeed in too many difficult situations to lose faith in our ability to meet our biggest challenges.

I have a comprehensive plan for the 6th district. You can read it all here, and learn about some of my specific issue positions below.