Time for Courage

America is no stranger to struggle. Throughout our 240-year history, we have fought wars at home and abroad. We have navigated through economic downturns that shook the foundations of our society. And we have worked to create a more perfect union for communities that have been denied equal rights and equal treatment for far too long. Though our union remains far from perfect, we have persevered through every challenge the world has thrown at us. And we are stronger for it.


We stand on the edge of another era of great struggle. Whether you supported Donald Trump or not, the next four years will challenge each of us in ways big and small, expected and unexpected. We will at times be angry, and we will at times be afraid. But at all times, and especially in moments of anger or fear, we must always have courage.

It is courage that sustains us through times that challenge the mind, body, and soul. And it is the courage to act--to stand up for our shared values in the face of unprecedented assaults--that will ensure our nation emerges from the troubled times to become stronger than ever.

That courage can come from anywhere. Samuel Adams was a middling businessman until his efforts to combat unjust British policies helped spark a revolution. Rosa Parks was a secretary before her refusal to comply with racist segregation laws inspired the civil rights movement. And Vasili Arkhipov was a relatively anonymous Russian submarine officer until his refusal to authorize a missile launch during the Cuban Missile Crisis narrowly avoided a nuclear war.

Each of us, acting with courage, has the power to create the future we want for our country, no matter who sits in the Oval Office.

I promise to fight every single day for you and the values we share. That’s why, the morning after Donald Trump becomes our President, I’ll join hundreds of thousands of Americans from across the country for the Women’s March on Washington. Together, we’ll send a clear message to Donald Trump that we’re ready to fight any attempts to attack women’s rights, human rights, or our shared democratic values.

Together, we will face this challenge, and we will persevere.

- Seth

Can’t make it to the Women’s March? Join the #Icommit2 movement. Show Donald Trump you are energized and ready to fight.