Seth Moulton responds to Trump's Address

What we heard tonight from President Trump was a vision of America in decline. That doesn’t reflect the America that I know, the America that I went to war for, or the values of the Marines with whom I served.

We can win the 21st century just as we won the 20th: with courage, moral leadership, and hard work.

I’m fighting for the things that give Americans economic security: prioritizing real wage growth over corporate profits; quality healthcare, including for our veterans; great schools, and the critical infrastructure investment to support it all.

We should be investing in our people, our country, and in our future. Instead, the President just outlined a war budget that does nothing to foster economic security and opportunity for hardworking American families.

That’s not a plan to win the 21st century. It’s time for forward-thinking, pro-growth policies that will rebuild America and renew the American Dream.

With your support, we can meet the challenges that face us today. And together, we can win the 21st century for ourselves, our families, and our future generations.

Thank you,