Stand for American Values - No Muslim Ban!

1. Trump's executive order banning Muslim refugees runs counter to fundamental American values.

We are a nation built largely by immigrants, many of whom were refugees fleeing our enemies. We must remain the beacon of hope for the world, and closing our borders to those in need, especially when it is based on religion, is unconstitutional and un-American.

2. Trump's executive order does nothing to improve the vetting process for immigrants. 

We would all agree that taking rational steps to improve the efficiency and accuracy of the vetting process would be reasonable. This order does nothing to enhance vetting.  

3. Trump's executive order and statements are harming our national security.

By discriminating against Muslims, Trump is inciting attacks against America. ISIS is already using Trump's words for their own propaganda purposes. This action will prevent us from being able to get support from allies that are so critical in our war against terror. Even Iraq's parliament is seeking a reciprocal ban against us. 

This isn't a Democratic issue or a Republican issue. It's an American issue. We need more people on both sides of the aisle to stand up for what is right.  

Stand up for American values and for a safer America. Tell Trump and our leaders: END THE MUSLIM BAN

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