Seth Moulton Sworn in for Second Term

Today, I was sworn in to serve a second term as your representative in Congress. It is one of the great honors of my life to serve you, and I promise you that my team and I will work our hardest every single day to represent you, our district, our country, and our values with humility and vigilance.




We will work to bring good jobs to Massachusetts and build an economy that can stand up to a rapidly changing world, not one that runs from it. We will fight attempts by foreign aggressors to undermine American leadership on the world stage, and will stand up for democratic principles wherever they come under assault. And we will ensure that our veterans have access to the world-class health care they have earned.

To accomplish all this, we need not just a few leaders but a new generation of leadership. I am extremely proud to be joined in Congress by 11 new veterans, both Republicans and Democrats, of the US Army, Navy, Marine Corps, and Air Force. I look forward to working with them and others across the aisle to move our country forward.

This year we say goodbye to a good and decent man who served as our President for eight years. Taking his place will be a man who has repeatedly demonstrated a dangerous disregard for our Constitution and our values. I’ve always promised you that I will put country before party, and that will never change. But you can be sure that if Donald Trump tries to undermine American national security interests abroad or enrich himself and his friends off the backs of hardworking families here at home, I won’t hold back in holding them accountable.

We have a very big year ahead. I’m excited to get started, and honored to serve you once again.