Seth's statement on Hillary Clinton's Foreign Policy Address

Congressman Seth Moulton released the following statement regarding Secretary Hillary Clinton's foreign policy address that was delivered today in San Diego, California:

"The differences between Secretary Clinton and Donald Trump are stark. Donald Trump's foreign policy ideas are reckless, morally corrupt, and contradict our fundamental values as Americans.

"If President, Trump has said he would allow more countries to get nuclear weapons, have the U.S. back out of NATO, and kill innocent family members of terrorist fighters. These policies would abandon our allies and create more terrorists, putting our national security at risk and our troops on the front lines in greater danger.

"Secretary Clinton has the experience and vision to keep our country safe and lead our country as we confront a challenging world."

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Hillary Clinton Delivers Major National Security Address

In a major speech on Thursday, June 2, Hillary Clinton painted a clear picture for the American people of the choice they will face this November -- a choice between steady, principled American leadership, and a dangerously uncertain future governed by an unprepared, misguided and temperamentally unfit commander-in-chief.

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