RELEASE: Tierney Fibbed on Thursday, Doubled Down With a Lie on Sunday



Salem, MA -- Seth Moulton, Marine veteran and Democratic candidate for Congress in the Massachusetts' 6th congressional district called on Congressman John Tierney to disavow comments from his anonymous advisor or provide proof of the charge made today in Joan Vennochi’s Boston Globe column, “Seth Moulton puts John Tierney’s Iraq vote back in play.” In her column, Vennochi writes that “a Tierney adviser who did not want to be named frames the war issue like this; 'Moulton was brave enough to go and smart enough to change his mind.'" Today, Moulton, who has opposed the war in Iraq from the start, reacted to the statement.

“This is a lie, and Congressman Tierney knows it is. We have appeared together dozens of times where I have made clear I was opposed to the war when we got into it and would have voted against it if I had been in Congress” said Moulton. “Today Congressman Tierney hid behind a nameless adviser in the hope voters will think, because I served my country, that I supported our intervention. This is cynical and an insult to the long tradition of men and women who served and then used their public positions to speak out against war, as Secretary Kerry bravely did.”

This is the second time this week Congressman Tierney has wrestled the truth. At the Lowell Sun/Salem News debate on Thursday in Bedford, he said “I wrote every word” of the Green Jobs Bill of 2007. Although a co-sponsor of the bill, Congresswoman Hilda Solis was the main sponsor of the failed bill. “I find it hard to believe that Congresswoman Solis let John Tierney write every word of her bill, and in fact that isn’t the case.” 

“If John Tierney, in one week, will lie about legislation he didn’t write, and lie about my clearly stated position on intervention in Iraq, what else has he lied about?” Moulton said.