RELEASE: Seth Moulton Calls for Iraqi PM Maliki’s Resignation

August 11, 2014
Seth Moulton, Candidate for Congress, Calls for Iraqi PM Maliki’s Resignation
Moulton: “No more U.S. assistance until a new Iraqi government is in place.”


Salem, MA – Today, Seth Moulton, Marine veteran and Democratic candidate for Congress in Massachusetts' 6th Congressional District, called for Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki’s immediate resignation.

“The crisis in Iraq is a political problem, not a military one: the Iraqi people and the Iraqi military have lost faith in Prime Minister Maliki’s government. The army was not overrun by ISIL; soldiers put down their weapons and walked home. Providing military support to prop up the Maliki regime only prolongs this political crisis and slides us further down the slippery slope that can bring Americans into combat. We saw the immediate effects of our air strikes this morning, when Prime Minister Maliki announced that he would continue to seek a third term.

“Prime Minister Maliki was selected with the assistance of the U.S. State Department on the pretext that he was the only candidate who could hold Iraq’s fragile factions together. He has proven utterly incapable of forming a unity government, and has done more to foster bitter sectarianism than any of his predecessors since Saddam Hussein.

“Congress must return from recess and immediately condition any further U.S. military assistance on Maliki’s resignation, and President Obama should use the weight of his office to ensure immediate congressional action.”