RELEASE: Moulton Releases Second Ad of the General Campaign

September 24, 2014

Moulton Releases Second Ad of the General Campaign

Ad, "Fight," highlights Moulton's bio, and outlines his priorities when in Congress  

Salem, MA — Today, Seth Moulton, Marine veteran and Democratic nominee for Congress in Massachusetts' 6th Congressional District, released his second ad of the general election. The Ad, "Fight," highlight's Moulton's background as Marine having served four tours of duty in a war that he opposed. It also outlines the issues he'll tackle in Washington including taking on the extremists, and fighting to protect Social Security, Medicare, women's rights and our nation's veterans. With $80,000 behind it, "Fight" will run on both broadcast and cable for one week, beginning today.

"Seth Moulton shares the values of the people in the 6th district," said Carrie Rankin, Seth Moulton's communications director. "From protecting Social Security and Medicare, to fighting for women's rights and our nation's veterans, Seth will stand up to extremists and fight for our families in Congress."

Transcript of "Fight"

Who is this Seth Moulton? 

Four tours in Iraq – a war he opposed but didn’t want another to go in his place. And he doesn't want to send troops back there now.
Running for Congress
Unafraid to take on the radicals who threaten to shut down our government. 
He’ll stand up to them to protect Social Security, Medicare and the rights of women. And no one will fight harder for our veterans.

Seth Moulton – his fight….is for our values.

I’m Seth Moulton and I approve this message.

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