RELEASE: Congressman Moulton Offers First Amendment and Makes First Floor Speech

Amendment would help eliminate financing for global terrorism

Washington, D.C. - Today, Congressman Seth Moulton made his first remarks on the House Floor, offering an amendment that would prohibit individuals convicted of providing financial assistance to terrorist organizations, or state sponsors of terrorism, from taking advantage of certain financial, securities, and banking laws. Video of Moulton’s remarks is available here, and the full text can be found below.

"This is the final amendment to the bill which will not kill the bill or send it back to committee. If adopted, the bill will immediately proceed to final passage as amended. From Paris to Boston and New York to London, we have seen in recent weeks and years that the threat of terrorism in our world remains constant. All Americans must remain vigilant and this Congress must do everything in its power to prevent another terrorist attack. History shows that leveraging America’s economic strength is one of our nation’s best tools to combat the scourge of terrorism. We have forced rogue regimes like Iran to the negotiating table with strong economic sanctions. We’ve punished bad actors in Russia and North Korea by cutting off their access to the global financial markets.
And, we ought to ensure that no one convicted of aiding and abetting terrorists or state sponsors of terror can take advantage of our financial system. That’s what my amendment does. It simply makes clear that no one who has been convicted of providing assistance – either directly or indirectly – to a terrorist organization or a state sponsor of terrorism can make use of the exemptions in the underlying bill. The bill before us today is a complex piece of legislation that includes measures that previously passed this House with large, bipartisan support as well as other more controversial provisions. The American people did not send us to Congress to find areas where we disagree. Our constituents sent us to Congress to get things done for all Americans.
We could have moved forward today with a legislative package that includes common sense reforms that protect consumers and create the conditions for economic growth. Reasonable people can disagree on the merits of this bill.
But, we all should be able to agree that those who support terrorists and state sponsors of terrorism should never use our financial system to their benefit. My amendment prevents this from happening. I urge a yes vote on the Motion to Recommit, and I yield back the balance of my time."