RELEASE: Congressman John Tierney to Supporters: "Congress Itself Isn't Broken"

August 19, 2014 


Congressman John Tierney to Supporters: "Congress Itself Isn't Broken" 

Current Congress is least effective in nation's history; Tierney has passed one bill in 18 years 
Salem, MA -- In a letter to supporters, Congressman John Tierney said that "Congress itself isn't broken." According to, this Congress is the least effective Congress in modern history, having passed the fewest bills. In his 18 year tenure, Congressman Tierney has passed just one bill. 
"The fact that Congressman Tierney is defending the status quo at a time when we have the least effective Congress in our nation's history shows just how out of touch he is," said Seth Moulton, Marine veteran and Democratic candidate for Congress in Massachusetts 6th district. "The truth is, ninety-six percent of Americans support firearm background checks, yet Congress hasn't passed gun control legislation. We are facing an immigration crisis with tens of thousands of children seeking asylum in the U.S., yet Congress hasn't passed immigration reform. While the Congressman sits in denial, and refuses to take any responsibility for Congress' ineffectiveness, Americans are struggling. It's time for a change in leadership."
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