Poll: It's Time for a New Democrat

140620_Equality_Forum_in_Salem_10.pngEmerson College came out with its second poll of the cycle today and it shows that Congressman Tierney is losing steam. Whereas in the last poll Congressman Tierney and Richard Tisei were neck-and-neck, this time, Richard Tisei has pulled ahead. If the election were held today, Congressman Tierney would lose by 5% to Richard Tisei. We can’t let that happen.

This is a blue district in a blue state. We shouldn’t be struggling tooth and nail to keep this seat blue year after year. We have just 76 days until the primary, when we have a choice to send a stronger Democrat to face Richard Tisei in the general election. 

If we want to keep fighting for the middle class, if we want to keep fighting for equal pay, if we want to keep fighting to protect Social Security and Medicare, then we need a Democrat who shares those values and can hold on to this seat. Tierney has proven himself, and this poll only echoes it, that he’s not that Democrat. If we want to keep fighting for progressive values, we need a stronger Democrat in this seat. I’m that Democrat.