Overturn Citizens United

Today, big corporations and special interests think they can buy support in Congress with massive contributions and hidden expenditures. Thanks to the Supreme Court's Citizens United ruling, that is now the case. Since Citizens United, special interests have spent hundreds of millions of dollars, often in secrecy, trying to cheat the system and manipulate our government. That's not good for our democracy, and it's not good for making progress for our communities and families.


If we want to fix Congress, every person should be able to have a voice in our democracy, and our elected leaders must be accountable to the people they represent.

Overturning Citizens United won't be easy. It will take a large, grassroots effort to amend the Constitution and get dark money out of politics. But this is a fight worth fighting.

Please stand with me by adding your name and sharing the petition. Let's do this together. 

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