On 50th Anniversary of President Johnson’s Declared War on Poverty, Seth Moulton Renews Pledge to Reduce Poverty in America

Candidate for Congress invites members of the community to join him in signing the pledge


Salem, MA – Today, on the 50th Anniversary of President Lyndon B. Johnson’s declared War on Poverty, Seth Moulton, Iraq war veteran and Democratic candidate for Congress in Massachusetts’ sixth congressional district, renewed the call to reduce poverty in America. In an email to supporters he invited members of the community to join him by signing the pledge.

“Fifty years ago today, President Johnson declared his War on Poverty to help those living ‘on the outskirts of hope.’ With over 46 million Americans impoverished today, it has never been more important that we renew that call,” said Moulton. “It’s unacceptable that as the gap between rich and poor reaches unprecedented levels our leaders do little to make sure working families don’t fall further behind.”


Moulton’s plan to reduce poverty in the United States includes:


•    Expand Early Education Programs. Upon entering kindergarten children growing up in poverty have heard 30 million fewer words than their peers in wealthier communities putting them at an early and significant disadvantage.  We need to level the playing field by ensuring all kids, regardless of family income, have access to early education opportunities. 

•    Plan for the Economy of the Future. We need to make smart investments in technical job training, advanced research and development, and our crumbling infrastructure -- to both create jobs today and provide the foundations for economic growth in the future.

•    Incentivize Growth Among Small Businesses. The growth of small business into larger companies is the fundamental driver behind higher employment. We need to close loopholes and change the tax code to ensure that big businesses are paying their fair share, while lowering the burden on small businesses, helping them put more people to work and out of poverty.

•    Support the Technology Revolution. We must support the technology revolution that is changing our country and our economy while, simultaneously, protecting our manufacturing base.


“We need to work together to close the gap between the richest and poorest Americans -- not by punishing those at the to, but by working together to ensure that we all have a chance to lift ourselves up,” Moulton said. 


For more information visit www.sethmoulton.com or follow the campaign on Twitter or Facebook.