Obama Vows to Fix VA Health Care, Invites Congress to be Partner in Solution

Will Congressman Tierney Step Up to the Plate?


Salem, MA – Today, following a meeting with head of the Veterans Affairs Secretary Eric Shinseki, President Barack Obama spoke publicly about the crisis in our veterans health care system. He vowed to “fix what was wrong” and invited Congress to be a partner in the solution. Eight days ago, on May 13, Seth Moulton, Iraq war veteran and Democratic candidate for Congress, stood with local veterans and called on Congressman John Tierney (D-MA) to stand up against the maltreatment of our veterans, and take action in Congress to fix the problem. 

"I commend President Obama for his continued support of veterans and his commitment to fix the VA health care system," said Moulton. "I also commend him for inviting Congress to be a partner in the solution. It's been eight days since I called on Congressman Tierney to take action, and in that time all he's done is pass the buck. What will it take for Congressman Tierney to stand up for our veterans?" 

Moulton joined the Marine Corps after graduating from college and completed four tours of duty in Iraq between 2003 and 2008 with the Marine Corps infantry.