Newburyport News: Moulton, Tierney in Area Looking for Votes

Newburyport News: Things are heating up in the 39 cities and towns of the Massachusetts 6th Congressional District with the primaries coming up Sept. 9. Salem Democrat Seth Moulton has been nipping at the heels of nine-term Congressman John Tierney, D-Salem.

“The unemployment rate is higher in the 6th District than it is in the rest of the state and on top of that, the real unemployment rate is much higher than the reported rate,” Moulton said. “Because, a lot of people have grown so frustrated that they are not even looking for jobs anymore or they are underemployed. The reality is that we can be doing a lot better in the 6th District and we need a congressman who understands economic development, who can do for the city of Lynn what Congressman Paul Tsongas did for the city of Lowell.”

Both Moulton and Tierney were in the area last weekend, and the challenger who calls himself the “no-excuses progressive” said that he has become a fan of Amesbury’s downtown restaurants and shops after visiting several times on the campaign trail.

“Amesbury is one of those classic towns of the district because it is the perfect place for small business,” Moulton said. “It has got a great downtown, there are some great small business owners there. But a lot of small business owners are frustrated by the fact that they pay a higher tax rate than many of the chains and conglomerates they compete with. That is fundamentally wrong. Congress says that they support small business, but the reality is, it is America’s biggest corporations that pay the lowest tax rates.”

Congress needs to close loopholes, according to Moulton.

“The strategy is, make everybody pay their fair share,” Moulton said. “And if you make everybody pay their fair share, then you can actually lower the corporate tax rates on small business. It’s a similar problem with individuals where Warren Buffet pays a lower tax rate than his secretary. Congress has been making excuses. I am not here to make excuses, I am here to get things done; and if I am sent to Congress and I don’t get things done, then you should replace me.”


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