My Visit to BiOM


Today I had the privilege of visiting the BiOM facility in Bedford. Some of the most impressive medical device companies in the nation can be found in the 6th district, and BiOM is certainly no exception. Started only a few years ago, BiOM is designing, producing, and selling state-of-the-art battery-powered prosthetic ankles for amputees.

As a veteran, this is a particularly personal issue for me. Many of my friends and colleagues have lost limbs while serving our country, and they deserve the quality of life that technologies like BiOM’s ankles provide.

Investment in technology like this also makes sense from a medical and economic perspective. As we prepare for the return of the largest peacetime veteran population since Vietnam, innovative technologies will not only improve care quality but will also help us keep the rising costs of care under control.


I’m proud of the incredible medical device companies we have in our district. That’s why I am opposed to the medical device tax.

While some large companies can afford to pay the medical device tax, many small and growing companies, who often drive the biggest innovations, simply cannot afford to stay open. As your Congressman, I will work with members of the community to find responsible revenue increases that will allow us to repeal the medical device tax.