MTA Endorses Seth!

The Massachusetts Teachers Association (MTA) has endorsed Seth Moulton for Congress:

Seth Moulton has been recommended for Congress by the National Education Association based on the recommendation of the MTA.

“Seth Moulton will stand up for working men and women in Massachusetts when he goes to Congress,” MTA President Barbara Madeloni said.

A centerpiece of Moulton’s campaign is making college more affordable.

“Like millions of Americans, I'm still paying student loan bills every month,” Moulton wrote in a campaign statement. “I understand firsthand the challenges that come with college debt. I will work to lower both student loan interest rates and tuition costs for today’s college students, so the next generation is not burdened by a mountain of college loan debt.”

Noting that his sister is a high school history teacher in Norwood, Moulton said that teachers should be given better professional development and higher pay so that schools can attract and retain excellent educators.

Moulton said he understands that teachers are frustrated by mandates and high-stakes testing.

“Local districts should be allowed to embrace their unique situations by being able to determine the path their students take to reach national standards,” he wrote. “I support the implementation of more holistic standards for public education because a school is much more than the sum of its test scores."

Read the original endorsement here.