Middlesex is Moulton Country


It was a beautiful day to be out in Middlesex today. I started with a meeting with the Disabled American Veterans in Billerica, where 30 veterans welcomed me with a standing ovation as soon as I told them I was running against John Tierney.

We talked about why I’m running, and that we’ve never had fewer veterans in Congress in our nation’s history. Of course, the VA scandal was at the top of everyone’s mind, and not one of the veterans in attendance was satisfied with Congressman Tierney’s handling of the crisis. But most of all, they wanted to know that I would go to Washington to actually get things done. Veterans like the Billerica Disabled American Veterans know what it takes to put the partisanship aside and do what’s best for America. They’ve done it for years, and they expect their congressman to do the same.

140607_Tewksbury_Business_Walk_2.JPGNext the staff and I went to Tewksbury, where we stopped at the police and fire stations, as well as a dozen stores including Tewksbury Paint & Hardware, The Barkery, and the Clubhouse Barbershop. You’ll see our campaign signs all over Route 38.

Everyone told us we had to go to Jimbo’s for lunch, so we stopped in for a delicious—and huge—roast beef sandwich. I’m a big fan, and I think they liked me too!

Small businesses drive the economy in the 6th district. That was readily obvious at our last stop of the day, in Reading. We met with dozens of small business owners and customers in Goodhearts, D’Amici’s, The Hitching Post, Comically Speaking, and more. The Hitching Post was particularly inspiring: when the Hitching Post was forced to relocate after years in the same location, one of the nearby stores, The Chocolate Truffle, generously offered them space in their shop. In addition to making great chocolate, the people at The Chocolate Truffle understand what to do when a friend is in trouble: you give them a hand. That's what American small business is all about;we help each other, and together we build strong communities.

140607_Reading_Business_Walk_2.JPGPeople were glad to see a candidate finally taking an interest in small businesses, and didn’t understand how Congress could say they support small businesses when local shops pay a higher tax rate than big chains. It doesn’t make sense. It’s bad policy, and I’ll make sure Washington changes it. So many businesses in Reading wanted to display our campaign signs that we actually ran out and had to head back to headquarters, where the rest of our staff and volunteers have been working hard all day knocking doors and making calls.

One thing is clear from this great day on the campaign trail: Middlesex is Moulton country.