Letter: We Need Moulton

Lynn Item: We recently found out that American troops found and were exposed to chemical weapons in Iraq. The military failed to disclose this information, and Congress never questioned the findings they did release. We need people in Congress who have the experience to ask the toughest questions before we send American troops into combat, and to make sure they are properly equipped and protected when they are overseas. Seth Moulton, with his four tours in Iraq as a Marine infantry officer, would immediately become a national leader on this issue.

We are now weighing increased involvement in Iraq and Syria, including putting American troops back on the front lines. Seth Moulton has come out early and strongly against putting American troops on the ground in Iraq, and he has the credibility to make that case to anyone in Washington, including the president.

We face a veterans health care crisis in America. Whether in Phoenix, Fort Collins, or here in Massachusetts, our veterans are not receiving the care they deserve. As a combat veteran, Seth can be trusted to ensure that our nation’s veterans have access to the health care and mental health services they deserve.

We have never had fewer veterans in Congress in our nation’s history. Let’s change that by sending Seth Moulton to Congress on Nov. 4

Christine Nuccio