Letter: Thrilled that Moulton is in the Race


To the editor:

The best part of living in a democracy is having a choice. That’s why I’m so excited that Seth Moulton is offering us a Democratic alternative to John Tierney.

I was told the other day by a political leader in the 6th Congressional District that Seth Moulton should not be in the race because he has not “paid his dues.” It just shows you how out of touch some people are to think that a man who served our country and put his life in danger every day in defense of our democracy would be accused of “not paying his dues.”

Seth Moulton is respected and endorsed by his peers as a no-excuses progressive leader, whether it’s in the military, where he advocated for the repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, in business, where he started a small company to help fight obesity, or in politics, where he has been a tireless champion for equal pay, educational opportunity and keeping U.S. troops out of Iraq. Seth is a great listener with the energy and enthusiasm to fight for constituents in the 6th District and actually get things done on the important issues we face today.

I am proud to be an American voter with a choice in this election and thrilled that Seth Moulton is running for Congress.


William Colehower