Letter: Supporting Moulton Based on Healthcare

We’re voting for Seth Moulton on Sept. 9 because we care about healthcare.

Seth Moulton is a Marblehead native, an Iraq war veteran and co-founder of a healthcare startup here in Massachusetts. He learned firsthand on the battlefield the critical importance of healthcare and how outcomes must trump outdated processes that have not kept up with the times or with patient needs.

Upon returning home from Iraq, Seth learned about policy making and fiscal discipline so that he could put his ideas into action. He is deliberate in his approach, and it’s clear that he thinks about the issues, talks with people from all sides, and develops solutions that represent his constituents’ needs.

With a focus on positive outcomes and patient care over party politics and profits, Seth is the leader we want to represent our interests in the 6th Congressional District.

Please join us in voting FOR Seth Moulton on Sept. 9.

Brett McCarty and Timothy Guyre, Clifton Avenue


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