Letter: Send Seth Moulton to Congress

Newburyport Daily News: Local Democrats achieved a very narrow victory in the 2012 Sixth Congressional race because of a large presidential election turnout and a third-party candidate who siphoned conservative votes from the Republican candidate. But in 2014, these factors will not exist and there is a very real possibility that the seat will be won by the GOP.

There is a Democratic candidate who can prevent this. Seth Moulton embodies the progressive values of the Democratic Party and has the leadership skills to not only win in November, but represent the 6th Congressional District with distinction.

Committed to national service, Seth joined the Marines in June 2001, servicing four combat tours in Iraq and witnessed first-hand the consequences of failed Washington, D.C., leadership. He has proven himself to be a staunch progressive and will fight for those values in Washington. Seth stands with Democrats on all the important issues of the day, including pay equality for women, marriage equality, and helping our small businesses grow.

I am proud to support and volunteer for Seth, along with thousands of others across the district, as we help send a new generation of strong Democratic leadership to Washington.

Kevin Bowe

West Newbury


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