Letter: Only Moulton Can Beat Tisei


To the editor:

I have been seeing, hearing, reading about and talking with candidates for months. Some of my selections are still not crystal clear, but my choice is solid for Seth Moulton as the Democratic nominee for 6th District U.S. representative.

You’ll find one of the longest lists of candidates for this office if you take a Democratic ballot, which is in itself an indication that something unusual is happening. Unusual, because in Massachusetts, Democratic members of the U.S. House tend to be re-elected, usually without a serious primary challenge.

This seat in the House is an exception, because U.S. Rep. John Tierney barely managed to be re-elected two years ago. This year, his vulnerability in the November election has attracted a substantial primary challenger, Seth Moulton.

It sounds a little odd, but if you like John Tierney, if you appreciate what he has done, if you support him on the issues, you should vote for — not John — but Seth, because John faces another tough challenge in November from the same Republican candidate who almost beat him two years ago and he cannot shake off the scandal from the financial dealings of his wife’s family, a story that broke just before the 2010 election.

In contrast, Seth Moulton brings many fine qualities and experiences to the race, qualities and experiences the Boston Globe noted in endorsing him.

For me, Seth Moulton’s best quality is that he doesn’t stagger under the weight of the same baggage as does John Tierney. We should thank Seth for having thrown his hat into the ring, because he is the likely Republican candidate’s worst nightmare.

Just when Richard Tisei had John Tierney on the ropes, where one more punch would knock him out, here comes a strong, young fighter ready to take Tierney’s place, ready to continue John’s legacy on the issues, while bringing new energy to turning around our gridlocked Congress. Seth Moulton is ready to knock Tisei out of the ring in November.

The primary is on Tuesday, Sept. 9, for candidates in both parties, a primary in which unenrolled (in a party) registered voters can cast ballots in whichever party they choose.

There are a lot of contested races for both Republicans and Democrats, which means many candidates to consider and tough choices to make.

I will vote for Seth Moulton for U.S. representative on Sept. 9. I hope you do to.

John Harwood



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