Letter: Multiple Reasons to Vote for Moulton

Gloucester Times: I am writing in appreciation of Michael Cook’s recent letter and his concerns about Richard Tisei (the Times, Wednesday, June 25).

I, too, am concerned about the inevitable broader impact of his obligations to the national party. While I find Richard Tisei to be a relatively respectable candidate, and likely a voice for the best of conservative values, I worry about subjecting the 6th District to that kind of representation in the context of the wider national agenda.

In the 6th District, unfortunately, those of us wholly dedicated to the principles of equal rights, social justice and smart, progressive government are facing what will inevitably be a hard-fought election with one hand tied behind our backs. Rep. Tierney’s “challenges” have been well documented, and a thinking person has to consider whether it’s time for a change.

Just this week, a new poll carried out by the Emerson College Polling Society shows Tisei’s numbers climbing ahead of Tierney’s, which are dropping significantly.

It’s time for champions of democratic values and priorities in Massachusetts and the nation to step up and exercise real support for retaining this 6th District congressional seat for Democrats. Fortunately, there is an obvious, highly credible and exciting alternative to John Tierney.

I’ve recently had the pleasure of meeting Seth Moulton, a remarkable Democratic candidate for our 6th District congressional seat. Seth is an intelligent and down-to-earth guy, with impressive credentials and hard-earned perspective. Not only is he Harvard-educated (on the strength of student loans he is still paying back), but he is also a veteran. And he didn’t just “do his bit,” which is impressive enough, but chose to enlist out of a sense of service before that dreadful day in September 2001. His experience during four tours of duty in Iraq gives him unique and unassailable credibility on the U.S.’s place in the complex modern world.

I am tremendously excited by the fact that he now seeks to serve his neighbors and his country in this new, positive and remarkable way. 

Support for Moulton in the upcoming Democratic primary is a positive, progressive way to, perhaps, have our cake and eat it too – to support a first-class candidate to represent our values without ‘settling’ for the compromised incumbent or the compromised Republican challenger.  It’s time to help create the opportunity for a positive choice.


John Koenig



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