Letter: Moulton Would Seek Long-Term Fishing Answers


The following was published in today's Gloucester Times:

To the editor:

I salute Democratic congressional candidate Seth Moulton for his well-reasoned proposals that provide meaningful long-term solutions and a path to a restored sustainable future for the fishermen of Gloucester.

In its July 2 coverage of an election-year Congressional field hearing held the day before in City Hall, the Gloucester Times closed its article with the remark of a Gloucesterman that offered, according to the reporter, “the shortest and purest insight into the souls of the fishermen ravaged by the current fishing crisis.”

This is what that fisherman said: “I’d rather work than have my hand out.”

I believe that Seth Moulton speaks to and for all our fishermen when he lays out the approach he will promote in Congress.

It’s a long-term approach that will put fishermen back to work by ensuring the application of the best possible science so fair catch limits are enacted and by driving the development and execution of strategies for harvesting, promoting and developing markets for alternative species.

And it is an approach Seth will pursue in a different way, looking to build bridges to his colleagues on both sides of the partisan divide, rather than erecting more partisan walls. By way of both style and substance, it’s the right approach.

It’s time for change in the Sixth Congressional District. It’s time for new representation that focuses not on strident partisanship but on the use of proven skills in collaboration and problem-solving to provide new opportunities and level the playing field for our besieged fishermen and for all our citizens.

The name of that change is Seth Moulton.