Letter: Moulton Will Bring Change to Washington


To the editor:

It’s time for a change in Washington. Members of Congress are more interested in partisan bickering and posturing than actually getting things done. It’s no wonder we have the least effective Congress in our nation’s history. We are not going to change that by sending the same people back year after year — it’s time for new leadership.

Unlike most elections, where no candidate is particularly inspiring, this fall, we have a great opportunity to do something different. This time we can elect Seth Moulton — a proven progressive and a proven leader. He has been a vocal advocate for small businesses, universal pre-K, expanding access to health care, and tougher gun control. And not only does he support them, but he has a real plan to get them done.

Voting for Seth Moulton also gives Democrats the best chance to win in November. Democrats across the district worked hard to ensure Congressman Tierney won in 2012, but he just barely skated by with only 1 percent more votes than Republican Richard Tisei. That won’t cut it in 2014. We need a stronger Democrat in this seat. We need a Democrat who can actually get things done. We need Seth Moulton.

Christine Nuccio



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