Letter: Moulton Stands As Best Chance For Democrats

The below letter was printed in today's Gloucester Times:


To the editor:

Like former Mayor Bruce Tobey (Letters, the Times, Wednesday, July 23), I have decided to cast my congressional Democratic primary vote in September for Seth Moulton.

I am doing so not out of any great sense of disappointment or disillusionment with John Tierney. I am doing so because, after studying 2012’s election results in which Tierney barely beat Richard Tisei, I have had to conclude that John Tierney, given his glaring weaknesses in the western part of the 6th District, has virtually no chance of beating Tisei this time around.

Nothing confirms that sad reality more than the fact that Tierney beat Tisei two years ago by a margin so slim that the third candidate in the race that year, a self styled “Tea Party/Libertarian”, actually racked up several thousand more votes than the number of votes Tierney got over Tisei.

This year, that third candidate has enthusiastically endorsed Tisei and urged those who voted for him two years ago to cast their votes for Tisei.

That mathematical reality, coupled with Tierney’s weaknesses in the western part of the district, makes the possibility that the 6th District of Massachusetts could add to the hostage-holding Republican majority in the House all too real — and more than a little frightening.

Seth Moulton deserves an opportunity to make his views and positions widely known in the run up to the Democratic primary and, as he does so, I have little doubt that what he has to say will resonate with more voters throughout the entire district — be they Democrat, moderate Republican, or independent — than anything either Richard Tisei or John Tierney have to say.

That said, after the primary is over, all Democrats will need to close ranks behind the nominee and work over time to do all we can to see that the 6th Congressional District of Massachusetts does not add to the already destructive and obstructionist GOP majority in the House.





You can read the original letter here.