Letter: Moulton's insight as veteran is needed in Congress

To the editor:

We will be voting for Seth Moulton for Congress on Tuesday, Nov. 4.

Nationally and internationally, we need Seth in Congress to ask important questions about our international strategies, to voice his opinions about deploying our troops and to speak up for those who have valiantly served and, yet, are not being properly served upon their return home.

We need Seth, with his experience and wisdom as a combat veteran, platoon leader, captain in the Marines, someone who served on Gen. David Petraeus’ staff, and someone who has earned the endorsement of Gen. Stanley McChrystal, to contribute to these discussions.

The Aug. 26, 2014, Congressional Research Service report states that only 20 percent of the members of Congress have military experience, indicating the continuing decline in the number of members who are veterans: 73 percent of the members in the 92nd Congress (1971-72) were veterans, and 64 percent of the members of the 97th Congress (1981-1982) were veterans. Increasingly, those without military or combat experience are making policies and decisions affecting not only our young people, our troops, their families and their futures, but also our country.

In the 6th District, we have an opportunity to benefit our local veterans by electing a representative who can bring this experience and insight to the congressional conversation.

Personally, we want Seth to participate in the discussions that will frame not only the world we live in now, but also the world we will be passing on to our children and grandchildren.

Jessica and Andrew Barnett