Letter: Moulton Represents Change in Approach

Lynn Item: The success of Seth Moulton in the Democratic primary was a vote for the change he represents, a change in approach and dynamics, not a change in values. Seth brings the value of commitment to all: the poor, the working, the middle class, and all those who struggle to make it in our country, bringing us together as a stronger community.

Seth Moulton will work to invest in job training. No longer can a person entering the workforce expect to work or stay at the job or type of work for a lifetime. Job training and re-training must become a part of our strategy for a dynamic economy. Seth values women’s role in the economy and is committed to women being paid at the same rate for the same job.

Seth Moulton is an advocate for public education on all levels. I came from a working class family. Like most people who are, I went to public schools and then a public college. When we shortchange our public schools, we shortchange our children who attend them. We deny our communities the contributions they could make had they been educated well.

Seth Moulton understands that whenever we prevent people from fully participating, society as well as the individuals, suffers and is diminished. We would be enriched by welcoming immigrants into our country. Inclusion and education strengthens us all.

I will cast my vote for Seth Moulton on Nov. 4, a Democrat who will carry the values I cherish to Washington. Join me.

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