Letter: Moulton not the conventional candidate

Zooming in on the two majority party candidates, both appear capable and personable. Republican Richard Tisei is a career politician, having served North Shore constituents in the state legislature for many years.

Democrat Seth Moulton, on the other hand, is not the conventional candidate. His public service was performed overseas in Iraq during four tours of duty as a Marine platoon leader and on the staff of the U.S. forces’ commander, General Petraeus. This service and commitment give Moulton the insight and experience to engage in a broader role on national and international issues while representing our district.

Zooming out, despite Republican Tisei’s proclaimed intentions to act independently, it remains to be seen whether he can truly remain separate from the politics and pressure of a major source of congressional dysfunction, Tea Party Republicans within his own party.

A vote for Seth Moulton keeps a progressive Democrat representing our district and sends fresh leadership to help break the partisan gridlock in Washington. Let’s do it!

Thomas Regan, Cloutmans Lane

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