Letter: Moulton is the Right Choice for Congress

The below letter was published in today's Daily News of Newburyport:


To the editor:

I’m a political independent who has voted for both Democratic and Republican candidates and served as the treasurer for the political committees of two distinguished local officials. This year I’ve decided to support Seth Moulton in his campaign to become our next congressman, but to do that he must unseat a Democratic incumbent in a Democratic primary, which is no small feat in Massachusetts.

In my walk of life through Newburyport I’ve spoken with many friends and neighbors about this race, some of whom are Democrats who have already decided to vote for Congressman Tierney. Several of these Democrats have told me that they like Seth Moulton, but they plan to vote for the incumbent for a variety of reasons: He’s a loyal Democrat; seniority matters in Washington; friends have asked for their support; Tierney has helped bring federal money to Newburyport; they have a personal connection with him.

While I understand these reasons and respect my friends and neighbors, what has struck me as truly disappointing is that when speaking with me in private, not one has told me they believe Tierney represents the best choice for our future. Not one. Why? Isn’t that what this is all about?

I have also been very surprised that at a time when we so clearly need fresh ideas and new leadership in Congress, so many Democrats in town believe that re-electing someone who’s been in this same job for 18 years is a good idea. Really?

Seth Moulton offers Newburyport and the rest of the 6th Massachusetts an extremely talented, highly motivated individual with excellent leadership skills who is devoted to public service. If elected he would bring a new perspective and no small amount of personal courage to our national government, which is in great need of such qualities.

So to my friends and neighbors in Newburyport I simply ask that when you cast your vote in the upcoming primaries and elections that you strongly consider voting for the candidate you believe is the best choice for our future. And I believe that most of us will conclude that Seth Moulton is that person.

Neil Bleicken



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