Letter: Moulton is the leader we need

To The Item Editor:

Seth Moulton has proven that he is dedicated to serving his country by serving four tours in Iraq as a Marine Corps infantry officer, where he was recognized for his strong leadership. Moulton’s platoon was made up of men with very different backgrounds, educations and cultural points of view; under Moulton’s command, they came together to find common ground and complete their mission. That is what we expect of Congress, but that is not what we see today.

Returning to civilian life, Moulton has once again committed himself to serving his country by running for Congress. He knows which challenges we need to address as a country, and is ready to do the work to help our communities thrive. He is well prepared, educated and experienced in the transportation and health care industries. He is aware of the complexities of governing and able to rise above the fray within our present disappointing Congress made up of reluctant politicians.

Moulton has a sense of responsibility. He has a sense of character. He is trustworthy. He has faced problems — difficult ones — and by setting a strategy reaches the goal.

What does this mean for the citizens of Lynn? The City of Lynn is multi-cultural, full of potential and waiting for a Congressman who will help us reach our full potential.

Seth Moulton is who we need in Congress and I will proudly vote for him on Nov. 4.

Patricia Hanifey