Letter: Moulton is Best Choice for Congress in 6th District

The following was published in today's Lawrence Eagle Tribune:


To the editor:

In recent years I have distanced myself from politics because of my frustration with Congress. I tuned out the political ads and ignored phone calls pleading for my vote. However, one candidate has caught my attention and made me realize that voting is my duty as an American. That is why this year, I will be fulfilling my civic duty by voting in the Democratic primary on Sept. 9 for Seth Moulton.

Seth Moulton served four tours as a Marine in Iraq, not because he supported the war, but because he felt it was his duty to serve. I have known Seth for a long time, and I know him to be a smart, capable leader with uncompromising morals and strong Democratic values. He is a candidate who I am proud to support. He has shaken me from my political slumber because Seth is, above all else, a public servant who wants to fight to actually get things done in Washington.

I hope that others will follow my lead and get to the poll. If a man like Seth Moulton is willing to serve his country and risk his life to protect our freedom, the least we can do is fulfill our civic duty and cast our vote on Sept. 9.

Nina Scott



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