Letter: Moulton is Best Choice for Congress

The following was published in today's Lawrence Eagle Tribune, which has endorsed Seth Moulton for Congress:

To the editor:

As a 6th District Democrat, I am glad to finally have a choice. And the rest of Massachusetts seems to agree.

Seth Moulton is a progressive Democrat who has taken strong positions on equal pay, expanding access to health care, and enacting responsible gun laws. And unlike Congressman John Tierney, who has passed only one bill in 18 years, I trust Seth to not only voice his support for these values, but to actually get them done.

I am disappointed to see Congressman Tierney resorting to blatantly false attacks in an attempt to cynically mislead voters and hold on to his seat. We deserve better in Massachusetts.

Fortunately, on Sept. 9 the voters of the 6th District will show what others have already realized: Seth Moulton is the best Democrat for the job.

Dan Koehler



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