Letter: Moulton for Congress; he will fight for us

Newburyport News: For all of our history in the United States of electing men who have been successful at war, on Nov. 4, I plan to vote for a candidate who will be successful at peace.

Seth Moulton is that person, because he has known war, so he knows what a failure war is at resolving conflicts.

He calls the war in Iraq a mistake at a time when renewed fighting in that region confirms how much harm our aggression accomplished in that divided nation.

In Washington, D.C., he knows that the political warfare that has handcuffed our national government must end, so we can re-establish a national government that represents the people, rather than the money of the 1 percent or the internal interests of a political party.

Moulton knows that more firearms in the wrong hands won’t make Americans be more just, more tolerant or more safe, so he backs more regulation of gun purchases.

Moulton knows firsthand what our combat veterans have endured, so we can be assured that he will always make every effort to assure that every veteran gets the support and gratitude all veterans deserve for their military service.

He says, “The U.S. military doesn’t pay women less than men for doing the same work, and corporations shouldn’t be allowed to either.”

I am a veteran, as are many members of my family, but I’m not backing Seth Moulton just because he is a veteran.

I will vote for Seth Moulton for U.S. representative on Nov. 4 because of his character, his determination and his passion for service to his country.

I hope you will vote for him, too.

John Harwood


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