Letter: Moulton a fresh voice with scientific mind

Seth Moulton is different from the typical politicians currently in Congress. He will bring the perspective and perseverance of a scientific mind to represent our interests in the 6th Congressional District.

Science education is important to many in our community. Studying science opens the mind to an understanding of complex systems, from the human body to sophisticated methods of transport, and instills a strong ability to think logically and critically.

Seth Moulton majored in physics at Harvard. He worked on a high-speed railroad project, and he co-founded a healthcare startup. Seth plans to focus on smart transportation improvements and downtown economic development zones, such as the exploratory Lynn Innovation and Intrapreneurship Gateway, to create jobs and attract businesses to the North Shore.

On Nov. 4, please join us and vote for Seth Moulton.

Brett McCarty and Timothy Guyre, Clifton Avenue

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