Letter: In Favor of Moulton

Like many people in the 6th Congressional District, I was surprised if not shocked when Seth Moulton defeated long time Representative John Tierney.

I was expecting the November election to be a rematch between two longtime, professional politicians –Democratic incumbent John Tierney and Republican challenger Massachusetts State Senator Richard Tisei. I have long been familiar with both of their positions on the issues. Thus, there would be no need for me to pay much attention to their campaigns. Well, Seth Moulton’s clear victory in the Democratic Primary changed everything. I had to reconsider, study and compare the two candidates presently vying for the 6th Congressional District seat-particularly Seth Moulton, who is a new face on the political scene.

I find myself agreeing with Seth Moulton on a range of issues, which he explained earlier in the Swampscott Reporter. I, being a military veteran from an earlier war era, particularly like the fact that Seth Moulton is a veteran who served on active duty in the military in Iraq. His recent military service gives him valuable insights that the other candidates can only dream of having. His depth of understanding and clear analytical thinking are needed in congress to help our country achieve the proper frequently-changing mixture of diplomacy and military actions in the Middle East and other places around the world. Seth seems to understand that the old right-wing or left-wing dogmatic positions of the past are not applicable to today’s world.

Of the candidates running, I think Seth Moulton is best suited to serve as Representative for the 6th Congressional District and plan to vote for him on November 4th.

William Jones, Andrew Road

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