Let's Make Government Better


We have begun to bring much-needed reform to Washington, but the work is far from done. One of the biggest problems we have to fix in Washington is out of control special interests trying to influence our elections. If we want to fix Congress, we have to get rid of the special interest influences and the politicians they’ve bought. I am therefore proud to announce my support of three important government reform bills:

Government by the People Act

Fair Elections Now Act

American Anti-Corruption Act 

Together, these acts would:

1. Provide tax credits to everyday Americans to encourage grassroots-funded elections.

2. Amplify individual voices by matching small dollar donations to candidates who refuse to take special interest PAC money.

3. Provide viable candidates with additional resources to fight special interest PAC ads that dominate the airwaves.

4. Prevent members of Congress from taking special interest PAC money from industries they regulate.

5. Limit SuperPAC and lobbyist contributions.

6. Close the revolving door between Capitol Hill and K Street.

7. Strengthen the FEC’s power to enforce campaign finance reform.

These three bills by themselves won’t fix everything that’s wrong with Washington, but they’re a good place to start. Money in politics is out of control, and I’ll fight every day to return power to real people. I don’t work for the special interests. I work for  you.