Rep. Moulton to try to force GOP to go on record supporting Russia probe

First on CNN: House Democrat to try to force GOP to go on record supporting Russia probe


By Deirdre Walsh, CNN Senior Congressional Producer

Washington (CNN) - As the daily drip of revelations continues about how President Donald Trump's campaign interacted with Russian representatives during the 2016 presidential campaign, one House Democrat is calling on Republicans to put their money where their mouths are.

Massachusetts Democratic Rep. Seth Moulton plans to offer an amendment that puts the House on record supporting Special Counsel Robert Mueller's probe and committing that it will provide any resources it needs for the team of lawyers at the Justice Department. The proposal would be attached to the House GOP crafted budget resolution.


Moulton, Democratic Reps: The U.S. Can Turn Putinism Into An Opportunity

5 Democratic Reps: The U.S. Can Turn Putinism Into An Opportunity

By Reps. Seth Moulton, Adam Smith, Stephanie Murphy, Ruben Gallego, and Joe Courtney

Our country faces a new crisis, one which endangers the underpinnings of representative democracy and freedom worldwide. The threat emanates from Putinism, a philosophy of dictatorship fused with kleptocratic economics. It views popular participation in government, a free and open capitalist economic system, and transparency in governance as ideological challenges that must be extinguished in order to “make the world safe for autocracy.” Its proponents have been acting aggressively against the United States and others to achieve this objective, and those actions pose a clear and growing threat to our way of life.

We desperately need a forceful and coherent strategy — combined with willpower and perseverance — to overcome this assault on our system of government and adapt to the changing global security environment. Given how increasingly interconnected the world is, it has never been more important to shore up our country’s existing alliances and attempt to expand them in response. We will not be able to turn back this tide of autocratic ideology on our own. We will need partners and new institutions capable of rising to the task.

This is our attempt to lay the groundwork for an updated U.S. national security and foreign policy strategy that can meet the needs of this dire moment.


Moulton Announces Endorsement of Eight Veteran Democratic Candidates for Congress in 2018

Washington, D.C. - Today, Congressman Seth Moulton (D-MA) announced his endorsement of eight veteran Democratic candidates for Congress in key districts across the country. This is the first wave of endorsements Moulton will be making in the 2018 cycle. These candidates represent a new generation of leadership in the Democratic Party and are driven by a commitment to service.

“In the Marines, I served with great Americans from all over the country. We came together with different backgrounds and beliefs, but we put aside those differences to do what’s best for America. That ethic of service is lacking in Washington,” said Moulton.


CNN: Moulton, House Dems to launch new national security task force

CNN: Moulton, House Dems to launch new national security task force


By Jeremy Herb, June 13, 2017

(CNN) — Sensing an opening on national security issues, House Democrats are launching a new effort to counter President Donald Trump's foreign policy.

A trio of junior lawmakers with military and Pentagon experience will announce on Tuesday the formation of a new national security task force to push back on policies coming from congressional Republicans and the White House.

The task force is being led by Rep. Seth Moulton of Massachusetts, a Marine Corps Iraq veteran who has received some early 2020 presidential buzz.


Moulton, Democrats Enlist Veterans Ahead of 2018 House Elections

WSJ: Candidates with military backgrounds are being recruited to challenge GOP incumbents

WASHINGTON—The last time Democrats won a House majority it was in part because the Iraq War was so unpopular. The next time may be with candidates who fought in America’s post-9/11 conflicts.

The party is running military veterans in competitive congressional districts across the country: Fifteen veterans have already launched 2018 House campaigns, and 10 more may enter races by this summer, Democratic officials say.

In addition to framing their campaigns as a continuation of their national service, the veterans allow the Democratic Party to appeal to segments of the electorate that have fled the party in recent elections. It recalls their strategy in 2006, when they took control of the House by fielding candidates who could appeal to voters in more conservative districts.

“It is time that Democrats genuinely show that we can have a bigger tent and not just be entirely defined by the old liberal left,” said Massachusetts Rep. Seth Moulton, a Marine combat veteran of the Iraq War who is leading the party’s recruiting effort among veterans.


Seth on Pod Save America at South by Southwest

Seth joins Jon Favreau, Tommy Vietor, and Jon Lovett on Pod Save America to talk about the future of the Democratic Party. Listen to the full interview below (Seth joins at minute 26)!


Women's Day and our Economy

It’s 2017. How is nearly half our economy still fighting for fair treatment?

Women make up almost half of the American workforce. They’re earning more than half of our college degrees. And they influence over 70% of household spending. If they’re getting a raw deal, that directly impacts our economic security.


Seth Moulton responds to Trump's Address

What we heard tonight from President Trump was a vision of America in decline. That doesn’t reflect the America that I know, the America that I went to war for, or the values of the Marines with whom I served.

We can win the 21st century just as we won the 20th: with courage, moral leadership, and hard work.


Leading with Unity on Presidents’ Day

In difficult times, great Presidents lead with messages and actions of unity and vision. Today we honor that legacy of our forefathers who put nation before party:



The why behind the lie

by Seth Moulton


There is method to Donald Trump’s madness. He and his political advisers know exactly what they are doing.

They may not know how to lead an effective, ethical government, or how to make Americans safer or more prosperous. But they do know how to use lies to manipulate what Americans think, to pit us against one another, and to pervert our democracy to attain power.