Health Care

As someone with experience in the health care field, I believe better health care is not just a right, but also smart policy—good health care means better lives, stronger communities, and economic innovation. America spends 52% more per capita on health care than any other country in the world, and yet we rank 12th in health care results. Better health care policy should improve both—improving outcomes across the board, for everyone in America, while also reducing costs and inefficiencies. I support the Affordable Care Act because it takes important steps to lower costs and broaden access to care for many who have previously been locked out of the insurance market. But I also don’t believe that the Affordable Care Act is perfect. As a member of the party that fought so hard to enact the health care reform law, I will always jump at the opportunity to make it better. One area that needs to be addressed is health care supply; we need to make the proper investments in technology to increase the supply of medical services, while also ensuring everyone has efficient access. Where there are problems, I will own up to them and fight to fix them, to make the law one that truly works for everyone, and makes the country healthier, stronger, and more economically secure.

I will fight to defend Medicare and Medicaid in Congress.