Demand Common Sense Gun Reform

American gun policy is firmly on the wrong track. Of the 109 firearm laws passed in state legislatures in the year following the Newtown shooting, 70 of the new laws eased restrictions on gun usage and availability.

The American gun violence epidemic requires congressional action. I will fight for stronger restrictions on gun ownership and licensing, such as closing the gun show loophole, bans on high capacity magazines, increasing the gun purchase waiting period, and restrictions on semi-automatic rifles.

It’s time for universal background checks. Period. 96% of Americans- and even the vast majority of NRA members- agree on this, yet Congress can’t get it done. We need representatives in Washington who will not only be staunch advocates for common sense gun reform, but can have an actual dialogue with those on the other side to get sensible laws passed. 

Gun violence is a personal issue for me. I used guns every day in Iraq. Guns saved my life on several occasions. But I also understand better than most in Congress the tremendous damage guns can cause. I can speak, in very real terms, to gun rights advocates about why civilians don’t need weapons designed for war. We need members of Congress who are not only strong supporters of gun violence prevention, but who also can build the coalitions necessary to make progress. 

In my first term, I co-introduced the bipartisan Terrorist Firearms Prevention Act to prevent those on the "No-Fly" List from legally purchasing firearms or explosives. Read more about it, and sign the petition of support