Demand an Investigation into Trump's Russia Ties

We’re facing the most serious national security crisis in a generation. This is worse than Watergate, when President Nixon covered up a crime against the Democrats. This is a coverup of crimes against the United States of America.

U.S. intelligence agencies agree that Russia wanted Donald Trump elected president, and we know that Russia hacked our election to help make that happen. On top of that, President Trump’s refusal to release his tax returns and Republican efforts to conceal them leave us all wondering: Who is Donald Trump really working for?

Now President Trump has fired Sally Yates, Preet Bharara, and James Comey – all of them abruptly, and as each was overseeing an investigation of him.

You deserve answers. This is about putting our national security before partisan politics and getting to the truth. We must have an independent, 9/11-style investigation – one that holds public and classified hearings and has subpoena power – into Russia’s hacking of our election and Trump’s connections to Russia. And we need an independent prosecutor to bring any wrongdoers to justice.

Call congressional leaders today and demand an independent investigation: 202-224-3121. 

Join Seth and demand that Congress launch a full, independent investigation into Russia’s hacking our election and into Trump's connections to Russia during the campaign, and today.

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