Dear Seth: Thank You


Dear Seth,

I am writing a long overdue letter to thank you for taking care of my son and the other Marines that were entrusted to your care.

In 2004, my 18-year-old son deployed to Iraq. I had not heard from him in months. Every time the phone rang, I jumped with anticipation and dread. Every mother with a son or daughter in combat wants to hear her child’s voice, just to know they are alive.

Then your letter arrived. You told me my son and his fellow Marines were very well prepared for their mission.  I cannot express, in words, the comfort that your letter brought to me. I not only gained solace from your letter but also a sense of who you are as a person.

I felt that not only were you a courageous leader, but also a compassionate person who understood the values of integrity, commitment, and dedication to duty. I cannot think of a more difficult environment than that of war to carry out a mission and protect your Marines.

As we move forward with our lives and families, I cannot help but think that the same qualities you displayed as a Marine would be a tremendous asset in Washington, which is bereft of true leaders.

In these difficult, polarizing times in government, where there is so much division between parties, a person of your caliber would bring real leadership to Washington.

Massachusetts would be very well-served by you as a representative in Congress.


An eternally grateful mom,

Susan Risler