Congressman Tierney Votes to Cut Pay Increase to Military Veterans

Seth Moulton Calls on Congressman Tierney to Reinstate Pay

Salem, MA -- One month ago today, Congressman John Tierney voted on a compromise budget bill that included a ten-year reduction of over $6 billion in cost-of-living adjustment (COLA) benefits for America's retired veterans. The cut affects nearly 900,000 veterans, including disabled veterans. Seth Moulton, Iraq war veteran and Democratic candidate for Congress in Massachusetts’ sixth congressional district, called on Congressman Tierney to stand up for veterans and reverse the cut.

“Did Congressman Tierney not read the bill or did he knowingly vote in favor of leaving our veterans behind?” asked Moulton.  “Having served in the Marines for five years, including four tours of duty to Iraq, I’m personally offended by his vote.

"We all have to make sacrifices to move this country out of the budget problems that Congress has created, but we should never start on the backs of a small minority who has already sacrificed more than most,” said Moulton.