Celebrating July 4th

We joined together because we believe there is a better way forward for our country. A better way to serve and honor those who fought for our nation, to guarantee equality under the law, to provide economic opportunities, and to make progress by working together.

But on this Independence Day, let’s not forget the larger struggle for a better way forward - the one dreamt of and undertaken by our colonial forefathers.

They risked everything they had, without a blueprint or guarantee, striving to create a new type of government. Despite their disparate ideas, backgrounds and circumstances, they worked tirelessly, and together, to create these United States of America.

Today should remind us to honor their sacrifices, while valuing the freedoms and liberties they provided us. We owe it to them, to those who have fought for this nation, and to the future generations that are depending on us, to work together to preserve the ideals and liberties that make America great.

I wish you and your loved ones a joyous Fourth of July!