BREAKING: Progressive Leader Alan Khazei Endorses Seth Moulton for Congress

I am honored and proud to earn the endorsement of true progressive leader Alan Khazei. Alan's statement below:

September 6, 2014

Alan Khazei Endorses Seth Moulton for Congress 

Today I am proud and honored to endorse Seth Moulton for Congress.  Seth is a proven progressive who will bring new leadership and energy to Washington, DC, at a time when our country sorely needs it.  Seth is a young man of uncommon integrity, courage, patriotism and an extraordinary commitment to serving our country.  In addition to his stellar military service, Seth has experience in the private sector and takes a refreshingly open approach to how we need to address our challenges in the 21st Century, and I trust him to fight for our progressive values every day in Congress.

I’ve known Seth since 2007, ever since we met as guests on Christopher Lydon’s public affairs radio program discussing the idea of national service.  I knew after just an hour together that I had met a young leader of outstanding character.  Seth and I quickly became friends and I’ve gotten to know him well over the years.  He volunteered to join the Marine Corps after graduating from Harvard and served four tours of duty in Iraq holding increasing leadership positions.  

When I ran for the Senate, I asked Seth to serve as an advisor to me on my Afghanistan Policy in addition to former Senators Gary Hart and Sam Nunn and General Wesley Clark.  I found Seth’s ideas and feedback extremely insightful, both his understanding of the region and the limits and challenges of the use of military force.   He understands these issues as only one who has served in combat and seen the costs of fighting the wrong war directly can.  Seth recognizes that we need to use all of our country’s great strengths — economic, political, social, and our values— as well as our military, in securing our national security. As our country emerges from our longest war and still faces grave threats from terrorism and in the Middle East, we need people like Seth in Congress who have the direct experience of serving in war-time and who understand the nuances of what it will take to confront our enemies.

Seth brings the fresh perspective of the best of what I believe will emerge as a new “greatest generation” in our country, those who have served in Iraq and Afghanistan in the military and those who have served in civilian national service through AmeriCorps, the Peace Corps and other programs.  He knows that our number one priority has to be jobs and making sure that everyone has the chance to earn a decent living. He has shown his creative thinking in his plan for Lynn and rightly looks to Senator Paul Tsongas and what he did for Lowell as a role model.  He has a deep commitment to improving education and a thorough understanding of health care.  And Seth is strongly committed to making a year of national service a common opportunity and expectation for all of our young people.  I know he will work his heart out for the people of the Sixth District, our state and our country.  And his constituents will quickly embrace him and admire him as a different kind of leader.

I know Congressman Tierney and like him.  I believe that he has worked hard and done a good job as a Congressman.  But he has had the privilege of serving for 18 years.  Our politics in Washington have become completely dysfunctional and they won’t change until we elect new leaders who bring a new approach and fresh perspective and who have the ability to bring a new culture to Washington.  I know Seth will be that kind of leader.  And I believe that if he is elected, he will inspire others who have served our country in the military or in civilian national service to run for office and thus bring about the new leadership we need to get our country back on track.  We often lament that great people don’t run for office anymore.  Well the people of the Sixth District have the chance to elect as their Congressman a truly great American.  I strongly urge you to vote for Seth Moulton on Tuesday.  

Alan Khazei
Former Democratic Candidate for Senate