Boston Globe Covers Reddit AMA

Thank you to everyone who joined my Reddit Ask Me Anything (AMA) this afternoon! I had a great time answering your questions, and happy to see that the Boston Globe covered our conversation:

MARINES V. GORILLAS: Seth Moulton, a Democrat and former Marine hoping to unseat US Representative John Tierney, engaged in an “Ask Me Anything” question-and-answer session on the website Reddit. While there were questions on policy and politics, he also got some funny hypotheticals.

Someone with the username Samsoy asked him: “Who would win in a fight? 100 U.S. Marines V.S. 1000 Silver Back Gorillas? Answer this one right and you might just have yourself a vote there, Mr. Moulton.”

Moulton wrote back: “10 Marines to win the fight, 90 to throw the victory party. Semper Fi. (I actually love gorillas though.)”

HolyWah asked “Would you rather fight one horse-sized duck or 100 duck-sized horses?’

Moulton: “I’d like to fight one horse-sized duck because I could eat it afterwards.” 

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